Our Staff

The Thorunn Designs team is made up of four enthusiastic individuals who love what they do. Thorunn, the principal, is the main designer, Rob and Joe are the programming gurus, while Jesse holds down the writing fort. They work seamlessly together to fulfill all of their clients' needs.

Thorunn Kristjansdottir

principal / designer / art director

The light bulb went off in Thorunn's first graphic design class in college. She had the "A-ha!" moment: "This is what I'm supposed to do with my life!" The rest is history ... sort of. She graduated with a BFA in graphic design and BA in history with Cum Laude Honors in 2005, and 6 months later she hand founded this very design firm. The firm is located at 52 Main Street in Millerton, NY, which was recently voted one of America's favorite small towns. Thorunn is currently working on her Masters Degree in Integrative Marketing Communications at Marist College, alongside her daily work schedule. The decision to go back to school was forged from the idea that we are all eternal students. And when it comes to the world of marketing - a world that is ever-changing - Thorunn felt it was important to stay with the times and trends in order to be able to offer her clients the very best services and expertise.

Thorunn, an Icelandic native, has experienced the best of both worlds and cultures having grown up in Iceland and New York. That Icelandic heritage has also greatly influenced her Euro-sense of design, which is full of clean lines, clear hierarchy, beautiful typography, and photography. In addition, Thorunn is the founder and publisher of both The Icelandic StudBook magazine and Tolt News magazine - both of which are Icelandic horse magazines. And in January 2013 she founded a new magazine in Millerton called Main Street Magazine, and she is very excited for its potential in this great area. She was also one of the founders and publishers of the well-respected Chatham Press through 2012. Thorunn is an avid Icelandic horse rider and breeder, spending her spare time riding and working at her family's farm, Thor Icelandics in Claverack, NY. Her passion is what she considers the perfect trifecta: design, photography and the Icelandic horse.

Robert Atkinson

designer / programmer

Rob is a Renaissance man when it comes to the programming and design fields. He's a triple-threat because he's not just a programmer, but also a designer and photographer. He's designed and programmed for over 10 years, becoming quite the HTML and CSS guru in that time. He loves developing creative solutions.

Rob has worn many hats and held many titles through the years, "dad" being the most important. The father of two has freelanced as well as been an art director at numerous prestigious companies, such as CNN and Turner Sports in the last decade. In turn, Rob has brought the experiences, knowledge and skills gained to his work for this firm, and has always remained the principal programmer here.

Photography rounds out his resume, but Rob's passion remains steadfast for all things design.

Joseph Villanova


Joe has over 30 years experience in the graphic arts and has developed a unique blend of technical know-how along with a solid sense of design. From extensive work in the publishing field, to web design and programming to 3D illustration and animation, Joe is the definition of a Renaissance man for the digital age. Trained in traditional techniques, his interest in computer graphics led to Joe being an early convert to digital technology in the graphic arts field. Joe has completed projects for clients that range from local businesses to international corporations.

Joe is an animation affectionado and has a collection of original comic book art.

Copy Writer

the copy writing team

Thorunn Designs works with a team of qualified and experienced writers and copy writers who are experts in their own field. So no matter your writing or copy writing needs for your specific project, the perfect writer is available.